Costa Rica Property Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

Rancho Silencio means Costa Rica property for sale at an affordable price. (It also means "Quiet Ranch"!)

Rancho Silencio is a Costa Rica property of only 4 parcels, each an acre and a half or more. Each of the 4 lots has privacy and plenty of options to build your dream home on!

Rancho Silencio has no views of nearby roads or highways! Each lot on this beautiful Costa Rica property provides beautiful sunsets, ocean views, and natural surroundings of mountains, trees, bushes, flowers and wildlife. (Sloths, white faced monkeys, ant eaters, deer,  and toucans are just some of the wildlife that has been spotted here!) And of course you will see the beautiful big blue morpho butterfly Costa Rica is known for! (We almost changed the name to Rancho Toucan or Rancho Butterfly after seeing so many of these here!)

Wild life seen on this Costa Rica property

Rancho Silencio, above all, is a place for people who want a Costa Rica property for retirement or vacation, to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

Rancho Silencio is for people who want to truly "get away from it all" yet still be only 20 minutes from the mall or 25 minutes from downtown San Ramon. This beautiful, peaceful Costa Rican property is:

  • only 45 minutes from the San Jose' International airport
  • an hour from the Pacific Ocean
  • 2 hours from La Fortuna with its hot springs and gorgeous views of Arenal Volcano, and of course, Lake Arenal
  • just less than an hour to some of the world's most beautiful cloud forests
  • a short drive to the famous Las Musas waterfall and water park

These properties all provide plenty of land for a garden and fruit trees, a a greenhouse, a Japanese garden or whatever else your heart desires! You can make the life you've always dreamed of here in Costa Rica! And you will never have any neighbors building on top of you because none of these lots can be subdivided.

Rancho Silencio is for people who like having neighbors to help out now and then, but don't necessarily want to see or hear those neighbors every moment of the day! That is, the lots at Rancho Silencio are big enough and far enough apart to provide you with some space and privacy!

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Lot 2 San Ramon Central Valley Costa Rica

All our lots have:

  • Ocean and Mountain Views
  • Nice flat building sites
  • Many trees
  • Fruit trees
  • Easy access
  • Water and Electricity Available
  • Full and Clear Titles

Is Rancho Silencio a "Development"?

A "development" implies a bunch of houses in a row, a place where you look out your window and see 2 or 3 other houses. Often a "development" - especially here in Costa Rica - means that your "lot" has been cut out of the side of a mountain and it often consists of no more than an area of dirt where you can build your house.  Many such lots have no trees, no grass, not much of anything. Many lots you will look at will only have a view of your neighbors with the sound of the highway nearby.

These properties are not that! And Rancho Silencio is not a development, it is 4 separate properties!

A "gated community" often means that a bunch of like-minded - or not so like-minded people - live close to each other in Costa Rica so they can feel like they are still back in the U.S. or Europe. Inside a "gated community" you often find a bunch of people who claim they want to get away from it all, yet bring it all with them! If you live like that, you may as well live in the USA!

Rancho Silencio is simply 4 separate properties that are situated next to each other. You are the owner, you build what you want! There are no annual "dues" - some charge $50 a month or more! - or anything else because this is not an artificial "community" or "development".

Good Temperature - not too hot and not too cold!

This Costa Rica property sits at roughly 2850 feet. It is high enough to escape much of the sweltering heat at sea level, but low enough to avoid the downright cold nights at many higher elevations in the Central Valley. You didn't know it gets cold here? Well go stay a night at a 5,000+ feet elevation and find out!

Rancho Silencio is, in short, a place to unwind and leave it all behind: the perfect Costa Rica property for nature lovers who want a peaceful quiet place to live!

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