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Costa Rica Best Place To Retire

Many surveys have touted “Costa Rica Best Place To Retire” and recently there was another one published. From the Costa Rica News:( “According to International Living’s 2015 Retirement Index, four out of five of the top retirement locations are in Central and South America. Costa Rica, a well-known expat and retiree location, has once again…

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Check Your Costa Rica Property Title | Part 2

This post is about how to check your Costa Rica property title using the web site of the National Registry for Costa Rica. If you have not yet registered for the Registry please do so before going further here. If you don’t know how to fill out the registration form please see “How To Check…

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San Ramon Costa Rica Real Estate Prices

I want to talk about San Ramon Costa Rica real estate prices and property prices in Costa Rica in general. Recently I hear how Costa Rica is more expensive than other Latin American choices such as Nicaragua, Mexico, and so on. Can you buy cheaper land and homes in other countries? Yes. But is “cheap” the only important criteria?…

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