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Choose Your Costa Rica Property!

Choose your Costa Rica Property below - you have the choice of 5 beautiful lots, all with views of the ocean and all fully titled with water and electricity available!

Map of Lots RanchoSilencio San Ramon Costa Rica real estate

Map of Lots for sale at Rancho Silencio

Costa Rica Property - Lot 1

Lot 1 is 1.48 acres.

Lot 1 is a beautiful Costa Rica property that is almost entirely flat - there is a slight incline on part of it but it has more flat area than any of the other lots. 

Lot 1 not only has an ocean view, it has privacy, both from the road and from the other lots due to the many trees and the way the main road is a little lower than the main building area due to the slight incline of the lot.

Lot 1 has lemon trees, avocado, orange, and guayaba trees. It has many varieties of trees and a park-like atmosphere.

This is our lowest priced lot only because of the narrower view of the ocean from the ground floor, but a 2nd floor deck or living room with picture window would provide the same basic view as the other lots!


Driveway to lots inside the gate at properties for sale San Ramon Costa Rica

Driveway to Lot 1 just inside the gate

Another part of Lot 1 San Ramon Costa Rica property for sale

One part of this 1.5 acre Costa Rica property

Only $55,000. U.S. for this one! Grab it now!

See the Lot 1 page for more info and more photos of this beautiful Costa Rica Property!

Costa Rica Property - Lot 2

Lot 2 is 1.78 acres.

Lot 2 is huge. It also has the widest view of the ocean and the biggest fruit orchard, with 3 banana trees, an avocado tree, mango tree, lemon trees, orange trees, guayaba tree, and even aloe and curcumin plants!

Lot 2 has amazing views of the ocean and has many trees, even a small stream running through it in the rainy season!

This lot has complete privacy from the main road and sits at the top of the hill looking down on more of Lot 2 and Lot 4 in the distance.

Lot 2 San Ramon Central Valley Costa Rica

Lot 2 San Ramon Central Valley Costa Rica

This nearly 2 acre lot is priced at only $70,000.

For more information on this lot please see this page which also has more photos of and from Lot 2!

Costa Rica Property Lot 3 With 1BR House

Lot 3 is also a huge lot, 1.78 acres.

Sitting on top of a hill it is the highest of the 5 lots, has amazing sunset views out over the ocean, and like the other lots it has some fruit trees: mango, orange, avocado guayaba, nancy, and manzana de agua.

It has a new (2016) 1BR house made with almost no wood - it uses SIP panels which are said to be earthquake resistant and very strong, well insulated and easy and inexpensive to build on to! So if you need a 2nd bedroom or office, utility room or what not, for a little more money you can have it built. We could even help you out with recommendations for doing so.

This lot is very quiet and private, but it's the million dollar views of the ocean which make it such a special place!

Costa Rica house in San Ramon for sale by owner

Front of house faces Gulf View

ocean view from real estate for sale San Ramon Costa Rica

View of the Gulf from the front porch

This lot and house is incredibly priced at only $119,000!

For more info and lots more photos see the Lot 3 page here!

Costa Rica Property - Lots 4 and 5

Lots 4 and 5 total 3.4 acres. They are situated below the other lots but have the same ocean views, just closer!

These 2 lots provide the ultimate private and quiet experience of the beautiful views and Nature Rancho Silencio has to offer! 

With a small stream running nearby on both sides of the lot (they run only in the rainy season) you get to hear the sound of running water.

There are many many trees of various varieties and it includes guayaba, mango, cas, avocado, and orange trees.

The view of the ocean and sunsets is breath-taking and you will see many birds including toucans, hummingbirds and others, and the white faced monkeys pass through occasionally to say hello while they eat some fruit just below the hill that is within your front yard view!

We will consider selling Lot 4 and 5 separately but we feel it is best experienced with the 2 lots together, the lower lot 5 providing a true forest along the southern border so you will have no one building below you.

sunset from house west of San Ramon Costa Rica

The most amazing sunsets anywhere!

Lot 4 from the back looking towards Gulf at Rancho Silencio San Ramon Costa Rica

Lot 4+5 from the back 

Lots 4 & 5 as a package are priced at only $135,000 for nearly 3 and 1/2 acres!

See more photos and more info about Lots 4 and 5 here!

Also please be sure to check out our various other photo galleries of SUNSETS,FLORA AND FAUNA, AND OUR VIDEOS.

Note that all of the lots provide the same basic views of the ocean! 

But even these great beautiful photos do not do justice to the beauty of this Costa Rica property so you have to come see them in person!

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