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Costa Rica Property – Choose Your Lot

Choose Your Costa Rica Property! Choose your Costa Rica Property below – you have the choice of 5 beautiful lots, all with views of the ocean and all fully titled with water and electricity available! CLICK TO ENLARGE Loan Terms Available on Land Purchase With Your Good Credit! We will consider reasonable offers on all…

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Rancho Silencio, San Ramon Costa Rica Lot 1 Gallery

This is a gallery of Lot 1 at Rancho Silencio near San Ramon in Costa Rica. See below or the MENU at top for the links to the photo galleries of the other lots and the other galleries such as the Sunset Gallery. Lot 1 Lot 1 is a beautiful lot that is entirely flat…

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Photos Of House For Sale In Central Valley Costa Rica

HOUSE FOR SALE ON LOT 3 Central Valley, Costa Rica This amazing Costa Rica property and house for sale includes: MILLION DOLLAR VIEWS 7899 square meters or 1.78 acres 1 BR 1 Bath house with big porch and hammocks Clear Title Utilities In Place Appliances Modern kitchen with breakfast counter Gas range (costs us about…

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Helpful Resources

HELPFUL RESOURCES ABOUT LIVING IN COSTA RICA Costa Rica Weather and Rainfall Charts See how much rain and sunshine the San Ramon and other areas get (Rancho Silencio is a few miles due west of San Ramon and about 1,000 feet lower than San Ramon. We are at about 2850 feet altitude here at Rancho…

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Do I Need a Costa Rica Corporation?

DO I NEED TO START A COSTA RICA CORPORATION OR S.A. BEFORE I BUY PROPERTY IN COSTA RICA? One of the first things you will want your Costa Rica lawyer to do is set up a Costa Rica corporation for you. There are many reasons you will want to have a Costa Rica corporation or…

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How to Choose a Costa Rica Attorney

No, you cannot use your attorney back home to handle your legal affairs in Costa Rica, you need a Costa Rica attorney! So you must find a Costa Rica attorney – actually a notary. Not all attorneys in Costa Rica are notaries, but all notaries are attorneys. In Costa Rica, notaries handle real estate purchases.…

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How to Buy Real Estate In Costa Rica

HOW TO BUY THE BEST REAL ESTATE IN COSTA RICA Learning how to buy real estate in Costa Rica is a multi-faceted subject. First you should give some thought as to what type to buy and where to buy your property. Further down this page you will also learn some of the pitfalls regarding attorneys…

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