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Everything you need to know about doing business in Costa Rica, including buying homes and land in Costa Rica. Spend some time here reading articles written by Garland Baker for AM Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Weather and Rainfall Charts
See how much rain and sunshine the San Ramon and other areas get
(Rancho Silencio is a few miles due west of San Ramon)

San Ramon's current weather and forecast
Remember that Rancho Silencio is lower than San Ramon in altitude
so the weather at Rancho Silencio is several degrees warmer.

San Ramon's Wikipedia Page
All about San Ramon

Costa Rica Living
A yahoo discussion group made up largely of people who live in Costa Rica, dedicated to discussing issues of importance to those who live or want to live in Costa Rica.
More real estate in the greater San Ramon area. Soon to come. Right now this link just forwards back to this same site. Check back soon! If you would like to find out what properties I have for sale now that are not yet listed write me via the contact page here at this web site.
Soon to offer personalized tours to Costa Rica. Right now this link forwards you back to this same site here. However, if you are interested in a personalized tour for 1-12 people, write me via the contact page here on this site. I can beat anyone's price and set up the tour you want within a budget that works for you, from a low budget 4 day tour to a luxury 10 day or more tour experience. From retirement tours to adventure tours, my 17 years of experience traveling all over Costa Rica assures that you will have a successful, educational and/or fun time in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Now - A Travel Guide to Living and Owning in Paradise - The Inside Scoop on Renting, Residency, Banking, Employees, Taxes, Insurance, Driving and how to experience a Safe & Seamless Purchase. (This is a book I recommend!) Please see the web page on the the San Jose Valley (otherwise known as the Central Valley) where Rancho Silencio resides.

Costa Rica Directory - Find links to various Costa Rica-related topics.

Small business web directory - by catagory and pages. Get listed under costa rica real estate category!


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