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Costa Rica Property – Choose Your Lot

Choose Your Costa Rica Property! Choose your Costa Rica Property below – you have the choice of 5 beautiful lots, all with views of the ocean and all fully titled with water and electricity available! Map of Lots for sale at Rancho Silencio Costa Rica Property – Lot 1 Lot 1 is 1.48 acres. Lot…

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Rancho Silencio, San Ramon Costa Rica Lot 1 Gallery

This is a gallery of Lot 1 at Rancho Silencio near San Ramon in Costa Rica. See below or the MENU at top for the links to the photo galleries of the other lots and the other galleries such as the Sunset Gallery. Map of Lots for sale at Rancho Silencio Lot 1 Lot 1…

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Photos Of House For Sale In Central Valley Costa Rica

HOUSE FOR SALE ON LOT 3 Central Valley, Costa Rica This amazing Costa Rica property and house for sale includes: MILLION DOLLAR VIEWS7899 square meters or 1.95 acres1 BR 1 Bath house with big porch and hammocksClear TitleUtilities In PlaceAppliancesModern kitchen with breakfast counter Gas range (costs us about $4 a month to cook!)LED Lights…

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Check Your Costa Rica Property Title | Part 2

This post is about how to check your Costa Rica property title using the web site of the National Registry for Costa Rica. If you have not yet registered for the Registry please do so before going further here. If you don’t know how to fill out the registration form please see “How To Check…

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San Ramon Costa Rica Real Estate Prices

I want to talk about San Ramon Costa Rica real estate prices and property prices in Costa Rica in general. Recently I hear how Costa Rica is more expensive than other Latin American choices such as Nicaragua, Mexico, and so on. Can you buy cheaper land and homes in other countries? Yes. But is “cheap” the only important criteria?…

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San Ramon Costa Rica Property Gallery

Imagine your own Costa Rica property …

While these photos of these properties near San Ramon are beautiful, they do not do them justice.

Pictures on the internet do not provide you with the wide views, true colors, nor do you feel the cool breeze, nor hear the chirping birds.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind Costa Rica property that you have to see to fully appreciate!

I spent 2 years searching for a property like this. Most are not truly quiet as Costa Rica is not generally a quiet place unless you are in the middle of a rain forest!

I was looking for a place where I could …

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How to Buy Real Estate In Costa Rica

HOW TO BUY THE BEST REAL ESTATE IN COSTA RICA Learning how to buy real estate in Costa Rica is a multi-faceted subject. First you should give some thought as to what type to buy and where to buy your property. Further down this page you will also learn some of the pitfalls regarding attorneys…

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Costa Rica Property Videos

COSTA RICA PROPERTY VIDEOS Here are some videos of the Costa Rican property for sale at Rancho Silencio, near San Ramon, Central Valley, and other videos of Costa Rica wildlife. NOTE: Please keep in mind that these were taken with a small digital picture camera, not a good video camera so they do not do…

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