Costa Rica Best Place To Retire

Costa Rica best place to retire

Many surveys have touted "Costa Rica Best Place To Retire" and recently there was another one published.

From the Costa Rica News:

"According to International Living’s 2015 Retirement Index, four out of five of the top retirement locations are in Central and South America.

Costa Rica, a well-known expat and retiree location, has once again made this elite list, coming in at number 5.  International Living nominated Ecuador as the number one spot, with Panama, Mexico, and Malaysia in second, third, and fourth place."

The International Living Report has this to say as to why they call Costa Rica best place to retire:

"Costa Rica has a lot going for it…it’s a nature-lover’s dream, with green-carpeted mountains, oh-wow volcanoes, and that blue, blue ocean.

It’s got top-quality, affordable health care and is known as one of Latin America’s most peaceful nations (it has enjoyed over 60 years of uninterrupted democratic rule). Costa Rica has a wide variety of inexpensive housing, along with a wealth of every imaginable activity to keep you busy and happy.

Long stretches of deserted and undeveloped beaches, on the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts…dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife…towering volcanoes, lush green valleys, and hundreds of crystal-clear lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls…mesmerizing sunrises, sunsets, and star-filled evening skies…all these things, and much more, are drawing people to Costa Rica."

There are many reasons why they call  Costa Rica best place to retire!

Here are just some of them:

  • No army since 1949
  • A Democratically elected government since 1948
  • A national health care system that ranks higher than the United States in health care
  • one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America
  • friendly people
  • regularly wins or places high in the "Happiest Places In the World" in the Happy Planet index
  • allows foreigners to own real estate
  • has real estate prices that are much lower than the USA

So if you cannot retire comfortably in the United States on your social security income, consider Costa Rica. If you sell your home and buy a similarly priced home in Costa Rica you will owe no rent and can easily live on $1000-1500 a month. Costa Rica is a great retirement option and Rancho Silencio is one of your best bets for having a tranquilo, quiet, peaceful retirement! For the above reasons it is clear why many will continue to consider Costa Rica Best Place To Retire!