Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cost of Living

One of the main things people want to know about when considering retiring in Costa Rica is what is the Costa Rica cost of living? The cost of living in Costa Rica varies a lot and that depends on how you decide to live. Let me explain. If you decide you have to have all…

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Costa Rica Best Place To Retire

Many surveys have touted “Costa Rica Best Place To Retire” and recently there was another one published. From the Costa Rica News:( “According to International Living’s 2015 Retirement Index, four out of five of the top retirement locations are in Central and South America. Costa Rica, a well-known expat and retiree location, has once again…

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Costa Rica Happiest Place On Earth

COSTA RICA TOPS “HAPPY PLANET INDEX” SCORE FOR THE 2ND TIME! This may well sound like a lot of hype, something some Costa Rica ad agency just made up. But the fact is, it’s true and it really means something. The Happy Planet Index is a project of the New Economic Foundation which is “an…

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