Photo Gallery of Lot 4 and 5 At Rancho Silencio San Ramon Costa Rica Properties

This is a gallery of Lot 4 at Rancho Silencio near San Ramon in Costa Rica.
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lot for sale San Ramon Central Valley Costa Rica

Map of lots for sale at Rancho Silencio, San Ramon Costa Rica

A cabin or two could be built on Lot 4  in addition to a house - there are several buildable areas  - but it would ruin the natural environment  and beauty of the area in our opinion.

Lot 4 is an incredible Costa Rica property, with hundreds of trees, very park like, even rare trees like the "targua'" which heals wounds and cuts with its sap.

It even has a huge old higueron or banyan tree which is a fantastic place to sit or lay in a hammock!

It has the same great view of the Gulf of Nicoya and it's islands as the other lots and has even more privacy because it makes up the entire lower part of the property. Lot 4 is 1.6 acres of nature, and it's a bird lover's paradise - with a view!

You can lay under the banyan (or "fig") tree and watch the birds come and go in the nearby smaller trees. One day I saw birds of every color within about a 30 minute period - yellow, red, blue, purple, green... ! (I'm not technically a bird watcher so I can't tell you the names but I love seeing so many!)

There is also a small creek that runs along side of it and below it, which is dry in  the dry season but you can hear it and see it running in the rainy season. Just 30 yards or so away along the creek is another huge old banyan or "fig" tree that is amazing. I have included some pictures of it in the gallery! Its root system is incredible and it's super tall! A sight to behold, it has to be very very old.

To me, Lot 4 is the "shining jewel" of Rancho Silencio and if no one else snatches it up, we will build on it ourselves! It has privacy, many trees for birds and shade, and there's almost always a light breeze blowing to cool you off.

There is plenty of flat area for a pool or gazebo or garden!

And we already have an avocado, lemon, cas, mango and orange trees planted, plus several guayaba trees, and later this year (in the green or planting season) we're planting lemon, orange, banana and others there. There is an irrigation system in place if you wish to plant more fruit trees!

Lot 4 is an incredible property, and it can be yours for $75,000. U.S.


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