Here are some videos of the Costa Rican property for sale at Rancho Silencio, near San Ramon, Central Valley, and other videos of Costa Rica wildlife.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that these were taken with a small digital picture camera, not a good video camera so they do not do justice to the beauty. They are just to give you a general idea of the lay of the land. The ocean (Gulf of Nicoya) is barely visible in these videos but when you are there the ocean is very striking and beautiful! That's why these lots just have to be seen in person, to be appreciated!

This is a view from Lot 2. The view at Lot 3 is very similar, but has a little wider view.

The following is a view from Lot 3, which is similar to the view from Lot 2:

This is a view from Lot 4, one of the 2 lower lots. These 2 lower lots also have great views and a park-like atmosphere with many trees and birds and you can hear the stream that divides our southern border running from down here, especially from lot 5 which is the lowest lot with one of the best views of all.

This is a view from Lot 5. This lot is closest to the stream. A trail and steps could be built down to the stream for nature lovers.

We have visits from the white faced monkeys sometimes at Rancho Silencio too!



Here are some "howler" or "congo" monkeys near La Fortuna, near Arenal Volcano, about 2 hours north of Rancho Silencio. The white faced and congo monkeys have been heard and seen at Rancho Silencio but they are not there often, so their visitation is fun and exciting! The monkeys are harmless (unless perhaps you have a fruit tree they like to eat from!) and are fun to watch!

Howler Monkeys

Heres another real quick video of some Congo monkeys up by Lake Arenal, about 2 hours from Rancho Silencio.

Do you remember ant farms when you were a child? Those little boxes that held a small colony of ants and you could watch them go back and forth in their little tunnels? Well, this is an adult ant farm. This was shot at a resort hotel at La Fortuna near Arenal Volcano - Los Lagos - and it is a room-sized ant colony for leaf cutter ants. Leaf cutter ants are really mushroom farmers. They cut leaves, and carry them back to their underground colony where they feed the fungus that their colony lives off of.

Leaf Cutter Ants

a surprised kitty video!

Cute Kitten video