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Costa Rica Weather and Rainfall Charts
See how much rain and sunshine the San Ramon and other areas get

(Rancho Silencio is a few miles due west of San Ramon and about 1,000 feet lower than San Ramon. We are at about 2850 feet altitude here at Rancho Silencio,
so the weather here is several degrees warmer which to me is a good thing. In San Ramon it can get too cold in the evenings sometimes or on days when it rains a lot and there is no sun.
The weather at Rancho Silencio is milder.

San Ramon's Wikipedia Page
All about San Ramon

Multi-Pure NSF Certified Drinking Water FIlters - I would advise taking one of these with you to Costa Rica. The filter only has to be changed once a year on most models and they are NSF Certified to reduce over 70 contaminants!

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