Rancho Silencio, San Ramon Costa Rica Lot 1 Gallery

This is a gallery of Lot 1 at Rancho Silencio near San Ramon in Costa Rica.
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lot for sale San Ramon Central Valley Costa Rica

Lot 1

Lot 1 is a beautiful lot that is entirely flat - there is a slight incline on part of it but it has more flat area than any of the other lots. It includes 2 lemon trees that are giving lemons, guayaba trees and this coming green season (2017) we'll be planting avocado, mango and others.

It is conveniently close to the road yet it is not visible from the road.

It has plenty of areas for a garden, gazebo or swimming pool or whatever else you have been dreaming of! It only has a wide ocean view from a 2nd floor height but you can see a bit of the ocean from the ground floor. The selective cutting and trimming of a few trees would widen the ground floor view. But for the type of view the other lots have, a 2nd floor deck would be required. No problem! Just put the bedrooms on the bottom and living room on top! You will love all the trees - we see parrots, toucans, hummingbirds and many others on a daily basis here! With your own fruit trees, and a vegetable garden you will be nearly self-sufficient with this beautiful property, while you enjoy the sunset every night from your 2nd floor deck!

Only $55,000. U.S. for this one! Grab it now!